Underhung Crane Manufacturing



Underhung cranes are employed where the build allows the installation of crane runways. The capacity of the suspension crane must be selected considering the impact of the crane load and the runway load on the build. The maximum load capacity of these cranes can reach up to 10 t, the maximum span up to 24 m. Based on the amount of runway beams there are single-span and double-span suspension cranes. Ambient temperatures can range from -20°C to +40°C.

Underhung cranes are operated from the ground via cable-connected control pendant or radio remote control. In addition, double control is possible by switching control from control pendant to radio remote control, and vice versa. Cranes can be equipped with one or two hoists based on the number of hoists used.

Underhung cranes are cost-efficient and lightweight. Their compact and lightweight design requires less building space and ensures efficient use of the building height.

These cranes are supplied with a hook, magnet or vacuum beams.




1. Lifting capacity Q = max 10 t
2. Span La = max 24 m
3. Base A = relative to La
4. Right brackets length Ld = max 1,5 m
5. Left brackets length L= max 1,5 m
6. Hook height H = max 50 m
7. Extreme positions of the hook L1 and L2 = relative to the hoist design
8. Distance between the runway rail and the hook H1 = relative to the bridge and hoist design
9. Operating mode (FEM / ISO 4301/1) 1Am (M3) to 4m (M7)
10. Operating speeds:
 – lift speed max 10 / min 0,5 m / min
 – hoist travel speed 20 / 5 m/min
 – crane travel speed max 40 / min 8 m/min
11. Power supply 400 V
12. Control voltage 48 V
13. Frequency 50 Hz
14. Operating temperatures -20ºC ÷ +40ºC
15. Crane control via cable-connected control pendant or radio