Jib Crane Manufacturing


A jib crane is an excellent choice to accelerate work within production lines, workstations, workshops or warehouses. These cranes feature fast installation and easy maintenance. Jib cranes can be either manually operated or motorized and perform a multitude of functions within a work area. The maximum jib (bracket) length can be up to 7 m. Jib cranes are available in capacities up to 5 t. Cranes can be used for indoor and outdoor service at room / ambient temperatures ranging from -20°C to +40°C.

CRANBALT offers two types of Jib cranes: with a pipe mast (floor or foundation mounted) and without a pipe mast (wall or column mounted).

Mast jib cranes are designed for lifting heavy loads both indoors and outdoors. Jib cranes that do not have a mast are used on fully equipped premises which lack space for a floor mounted cantilever mast jib crane.

Jib cranes guarantee minimum dimensions and maximum use of space.



1. Lifting capacity Q = max 5 t
2. Boom (cantilever) lengths
L = max 7 m
3. Working boom (cantilever) lengths La = relative to the hoist design
4. Hook height H = relative to the building height
5. Distance between the runway rail and the hook H1 = relative to the bridge and hoist design
6. Operating mode (FEM / ISO 4301/1) 1Am (M3) to 4m (M7)
7. Operating speeds:
 – lift speed max 8 / min 0,5 m / min
 – hoist travel speed manual or 14 / 7 m/min
 – crane travel speed manual or  m/min
8. Power supply 400 V
9. Control voltage 48 V
10. Frequency 50 Hz
11. Operating temperatures -20ºC ÷ +40ºC
12. Crane control via cable-connected control pendant or radio