Cranbalt Rent

We rent tower cranes for varying periods. Skilled operators with long experience in industry and construction projects will ensure safe and reliable crane operation.

Successfully providing rental services in the Baltic and Nordic countries, we can offer a wide range of tower cranes.

We ensure reliable crane operation by regularly updating the crane stock.

Currently we can offer:

  • TEREX tower cranes with a maximum height up to 73m, a jib length up to 84m and a lifting capacity of 4t to 32t.

Tower cranes and mobile cranes can be offered for rental market according to customer needs.



Tower cranes provide an excellent combination of height and lifting capacity and are designed for erection of tower-type structures. High operating speed is one of the main advantages of the crane.

Unlike the tower crane, which is essentially a stationary machine, the mobile crane is transported to a job site to help overcome the height difference. Low transportation cost is the main advantage of such a crane.