Cantilever Racks

Cantilever racks are designed to store middleweight and heavyweight loads of varying proportion (pipes, sheet metal, drywall, boards, rollers, etc.). Cantilever storage racks can be mounted both indoors and outdoors. They can withstand cold extremes (roofing options are available). It is a combination of durability, functionality, high quality and competitive price:

  • Cantilever racks are made exceptionally from the highest quality materials. They are galvanized or painted with special paint (as per demand of the customer). The load bearing capacity per rack ranges from 0.2 t to 12.0 t (capacities of the whole cantilever rack system are calculated separately).
  • Racks are easy to assemble, extend and operate. They occupy little space. There are a variety of accessories available to assist with storage of the most complicated products such as coils, rolls, etc. Cantilever storage racks can be either single-sided or double-sided.
  • Storage racks comply with the highest standards and requirements (EN ISO 3834-3:2006, EN 1090-1:2009+A1: 2011).
  • Storage racks are manufactured in Lithuania accordingly you purchase the firsthand product without involvement of intermediaries or third parties – the product that perfectly meets all your needs and expectations, the product that is not measured against the price and quality standard; it is simply the highest quality and the price you pay for the solution to your problem rather than the product.

Available in sizes*:

  •  Every single cantilever rack order is unique , so we can meet highest customer criteria and manufacture any dimension or size of cantilever rack
  • No order to big or to small
  • For inside and outside use
  • Powder coating or hot galvanizing


Manufacturing period: ~ 4 weeks

Cantilever storage racks meet all the necessary standards and work performance requirements.

* If you request a custom solution, our team will assist you in finding the best possible option to meet your expectations – we like challenges (manufacturing process and deadlines shall be determined by separate agreement).