We offer you a chance to become a member of our team for a simple reason: it may be the best place for YOU to grow, to realize yourself and pursue your dreams.


CRANBALT’s slogan “The passion for excellence” serves a daily inspiration for each of us, from a trainee to the head of the company, to make the most of our skills and grow along with the entire team.


Our vision, mission, objectives and values ​are bigger than us. Therefore, we are determined to learn and grow every day.






  • Our goal is to discover and reveal the best of each member of our team. Therefore, we invest in the long-term continuing training program.
  • You, in liaison with our customers and partners, are the core of our values, the driver of our operation and every step we take.
  • You will join the goal pursuit culture in the company where you will learn to pursue and ACHIEVE professional and personal goals.
  • You will be working in the atmosphere of respect – we will respect you and expect your respect for us.
  • We strive to create the most favourable work environment for our team members in order to gain their loyalty and long-term partnership.
  • This is the place for you to become a true professional in your field.
  • Are you eager to face challenges?
  • Do you enjoy setting goals and achieving them?
  • Would you like to be viewed and judged by what you do?
  • Do you wish to become an expert and continue to move up the corporate ladder?


If YES, your place definitely is here among us.

We have challenges waiting for you – you will create value and this will be the outset of our long and promising cooperation.

We strive to be the best place for the best people to do the best jobs. We are not excellent but we have the passion for excellence.