Mission. Vision. Objectives

  • Our Objectives, Mission and Vision

Quite often, the words “objectives”, “mission”, and “vision” make bare words on a company website to demonstrate the respectability of the company. We have attached a deeper meaning to these words though. They have been created by our whole team and subsequently have become the foundation of our company that influences the entire decision making process. The given foundation serves all actors, particularly our customers and partners, and naturally our employees, the team members.


  • Our objective is 

To contribute to building a better world.


  • Our mission is

To offer the most professional solutions for construction and industrial applications to our customers and partners.


  • Our vision is

To become an effective company based on a long-term partnership with employees, customers, and partners.


Being the best place for our employees to grow, to realize themselves and their dreams;

Creating long-term value for our customers;

Serving as an example of excellence and reliability for our partners.



CRANBALT: The Passion for Excellence